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热卖冷冻包点和点心 Hot Selling Frozen Pau & Dim Sum Products

我们的故事 Our Story

初心 > 蜕变 > 成长

年轻时,热爱烹饪的张先生,喜欢制作一些糕点给太太和孩子吃。在一次偶然的情况下,一位经营港式茶楼的朋友,让张先生在茶楼帮忙,就这样张先生的人生与包点结下了不解之缘 。

Frozen Pau and Dim Sum Manufacturer
In his youth, Mr. Tiong, who had a passion for cooking, enjoyed making pastries for his wife and children. In a lucky encounter, a friend who operated a Hong Kong-style teahouse asked Mr. Tiong for assistance. This marked the beginning of an enduring connection between Mr. Tiong and the world of dim sum – Yant Fatt Frozen Food Manufacturer.